Monday, November 29, 2010

Random Act of Kindness

Just wanted to share a little black Friday story. We went to Toys R Us to line up at 8:30pm for their opening at 10pm. There wasn't anything major we were there for...we just love the fun of going and getting good deals. I did really want to get this camera for Jake as he LOVES to take pictures.

It was on sale for $23.99 regular $39.99 so a pretty good deal. Of course even getting in line at 8:30 we were like 600 people back in line. By the time we got in the cameras were gone. 

When you wait in line for this long you usually begin talking to people around you in line. After we were finished at Toys R Us we headed over to Target. A girl that was behind us in line at Toys R Us came to Target as well. So we all stood in line together. We were looking at all the adds and just happened to look in the Khols ad. Who had this camera on sale. Regular $49.99 on sale for $24.99
The girl in line says "I just sent my dad over to Khols to wait for them to open I can have him pick one up for  you."  Are you serious I have never met this girl in my life and now her dad is going to save me a trip. Sure enough she called her dad and told him what to look for. A little while after Khols opened he called and said he had the blue one in his hand did we still want it. Of course I did. 

We know once Target opened we would lose each other so we exchanged phone numbers and when her dad got there she called me. 

How awesome is that I love meeting nice people in random places. If I had this girls address I would totally send her a thank you card. 

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