Friday, May 7, 2010


I dream to be a runner!
I hear people (runners) say that it is so freeing, helps them to clear their mind, and spend great time in conversation with God.
I want be a runner with a joy for running.

But I just can't seem to get least not now. But I will keep working toward it.

One day I will be a runner.

But for now while I run I think: This is so hard. How do people enjoy this? Where is the freeing, mind clearing, God conversations? I can barely breath.

I can walk &  for the most part I enjoy walking. At least while I am walking I can think of other things then this is so hard.

But I am adding a little bit of running into each walk. So that hopefully one day I can be a runner.

I have my 1st 5k tomorrow morning! Not to run least not the whole thing! But to do it because I thought it would be a good idea to try it out. Then I can keep working on being a runner.

My goal as a runner is to one day be able to run the whole 3.1 miles without walking.

I set out months ago to get healthy and walking became a part of that. But as I started walking...I started thinking I might want to try running too.

One day I might be a runner, but for tomorrow I will be considered a walker! And be happy with that. After all it was only 3 weeks ago that I signed up for this 5K & got serious about doing it!


  1. This post is so inspiring, Melissa! I'm proud of you for getting out there and being active. I hope your first 5K experience was encouraging & motivating!

  2. I've walked a couple of 5K's and I'll run my 1st 5K on June 5th. The running still doesn't come naturally or easily but the thought of accomplishing my goal keeps me going! You can accomplish your goal too, just keep going!

  3. Amazing effort and accomplishment. Congrats!