Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Daily Moments(9/6-9/12)

Another week has come and gone and to remember some of the moments of our days I am liking up with The Mom Creative and Project Life Tuesday.

Monday-September 6th-Labor day grilling! Jason loves to grill & looks so handsome working  hard on super yummy food!

Wednesday-September 8th-licking the beater is the best part about helping cook. Especially when it is chocolate cupcake mix. Yummy!!!

Thursday-September 9th-Feeding the ducks at the park. We had a play date with some friends at a great park we had never been to. Jake loved feeding the ducks.

Friday-September 10th- The imagination of a 2 year old is so much fun! He laid all the crayons on the floor and said it was his track. Then he would run by the crayons as fast as he could. Of course it just wouldn't work right without the superhero cape on.

Saturday-September 11th-We spent a very hot day at Austin & Tyler's soccer game. Caleb & Jake had the best time cheering for the big boys and of course playing outside for hours. This picture cracks me up...they both have the same scrunched up sun in the face cheese look.

Sunday-September 12th-Jason used his new riding lawn mower for the 1st time today. Not sure if Jake was happier riding on the mower or Jason was happier being able to use it.

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  1. ohhhhh - licking the beaters brings back soooo many memories! I am following you from GMGs.