Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Daily Moments (9/19-9/25)

Knowing that each week I will be posting a review of our week with a daily picture really helps to remind me to take pictures. Even if almost every week there is a day without a picture. I find myself thinking throughout the day "oh, I need to remember to get a picture." I love linking up with The Mom Creative and having a "reason to take a picture of our every day moments.

Sunday-September 19th- Playing Monkey in the middle with Pawpaw & Tyler. Playing at Pawpaw's house is so much fun!

Monday-September 20th-Jake loves the bath. He would stay in there for ever. This week he thought it was so funny to lay down and cover himself with the bubbles.

Tuesday-September 21st- I was selected for another house party this month through World Vision. My kit arrived today with so much great stuff in it.

Tuesday-September 23rd-Today was Pawpaw's birthday. Jake & I made birthday cookies for him and went over to celebrate with him for a little bit this afternoon.

Friday-September 24th- Our letter this week was B. Today we painted by rolling a ball on paper in a box.

Saturday-September 25th- I was able to hold my nephew Luke today at the hospital while my sister(their mom) held Logan. This was the 1st time that I had been able to hold one of the twins. They are 11 weeks old now and doing better. It is amazing how big they look now. Logan is up to 5 pounds and Luke is 4 pounds.


  1. LOVE the bath picture! And, that rolling the ball in the paint idea...GREAT! You amaze me!

  2. These pictures were fun. So excited about the twins doing well.

    I didn't know you could host parties for World Vision. How neat is that!!!

  3. What a cute family you have. Wishing your littest ones all the best. Following now too.

  4. Ahh the twins are doing well that's great! When is your WV Party?