Tuesday, September 28, 2010

As American

As Apple Pie Picking!

This past weekend we went apple picking. I am embarrassed to say and even a bit bewildered to think we have never been apple picking. Really? I can't tell you why we have never been apple picking. We do every other fun season or holiday related thing. Jason & I even did a lot of these things before we had Jake.

Thankfully our eyes have been opened and I can't wait to go apple picking again. I am even considering another trip this season before apple picking is over.

We went to a great orchard that had tons of different varieties of apples to pick. They also had pig races & a wagon ride.

Jake & Caleb both loved picking apples...

And we all had a wonderful time...despite the fact that it rained off and on the WHOLE time we were there. (hence the hat Jake has on...he insisted he wear it because it was raining)

I took a ton of pictures as I usually do for any thing we do. So I have narrowed it down to several for you to enjoy.

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