Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Daily Moments (9/13-9/18)

It is almost fall!!!  Although, it is still in the very high 80's low 90's here in Georgia. It is almost fall!!! Here is another peak into our daily moments as we join The Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday.  I used to do the week as Monday-Sunday, but I am going to start doing it from Sunday-Saturday. So this week there is no Sunday because it was posted with last weeks. Of course I don't have a picture for Tuesday. It seems I never get a picture on Tuesdays.

Monday-September 13th-This is what happens when it is way past Jake's bedtime. Silly boy!! Playing on the couch instead of going to bed.

Tuesday-September 14th-Although there is no picture for today we did start back to our Tuesday music class. It was so much fun and great to see Jake jump right in. The last 2 times we have done this class it takes him a couple weeks to warm up. But this week he was all about it.

Wednesday-September 15th-making our apple bread as one of our letter A activities. Jake loves to help in the kitchen. So it is a lot of fun for me to include something at least once a week for he & I to make together.

Thursday-September 16th- We went to the park that our friends introduced us to last week. We love that there are playgrounds & ducks to feed. Along with a great walking path that is great for exploring. (side note: I must really like this striped shirt on Thursdays...he was wearing it last week at this same park on Thursday...I am sure you will go check now that I pointed it out)

Friday-September 17th-I didn't take any pictures, but am hoping to get one from one of my friends who was taking pictures. A friend of mine was selected by houseparty.com to host a Star Wars:Clone Wars party and she invited Jake (even though he is a few years younger then her boys she does have a daughter Jake's age). Jake had so much fun playing with the big boys and loved his star wars action figure he got along with his Star Wars tattoos too. Thank you Mrs. Kristy for letting Jake be a big boy for a day!

Saturday-September 19th- Today was Nana & Pawpaw day. How blessed we are to have family so close(Jake has 2 sets of wonderful Grandparents only about 20 minutes away). Nana & Pawpaw had a sleep over for 4 of the cousins. Jake loves being with his cousins(and of course Nana & Pawpaw too) and has the best time with them. We miss him so much even when he is only gone for 1 night.

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  1. Enjoyed your pictures. What a beautiful park! Glad you discovered it.