Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Daily Moments (8/30-9/5)

This might be one of the first weeks I have participated in Project Life Tuesday with The Mom Creative and actually gotten a picture for every day.  Can you believe it is September? This year is flying by and I really wish it would slow down!!!

Monday-August 30th- I love that Jake is at the age he loves to help me make things. It seems we always have bananas that don't get used before they turn brown & mushy. This week Jake helped me make banana muffins. His favorite part is helping to mush the bananas.

Tuesday-August 31st-Of course you can't play in the dirt and be a super hero without your cape on. It is so fun watching Jake during this superhero phase he is in. He loves wearing his cape that Mawmaw made him even when he is playing outside.

Wednesday-September 1st- Jason loves his Tiger Woods Golf game and most nights after he gets home from work he sits down to play a few rounds of golf. He is such a big kid when it comes to this game.

Thursday-September 2nd- Such concentration has Dr. Jake gives me a shot. His imagination is so big and he loves to play anything pretend and make up lots of stuff.
Friday-September 3rd-Just for fun! Jake was leaning over his shopping cart and saying he was getting big muscles. Apparently this resembled some type of working out to him. He also said "take my picture like this." So of course I did.

Saturday-September 4th-Mom, Heather, & Me on our way to Atlanta Motor Speedway for the Nationwide race. This was the best picture of the 3 of us even though it isn't that great of a picture. We had so much fun with everyone at the race.

Sunday-September 5th- Nana & Jake sitting on Nana's steps. I loved the way Jake has his arm on Nana's leg and that both of them are wearing their race shirts. Watching Pawpaw work on Dean's car.

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