Thursday, September 23, 2010

Come on In

I really enjoy hosting people in our home. So in the spirit of Fall Welcome to our home!

As I type this I have a pumpkin pie candle burning and it smells so yummy!!(it actually might be making me hungry)

Here is what you would see if you were to come visit during the fall season! We don't have any pumpkins yet (at least not real ones) so it would be a little different in another couple weeks. But you can imagine pumpkins on the front porch & probably a few around the house too!
 Come on in...

a close up of the fall arrangement on the front door.

Our entry table in the foyer

And our mantle in the living room.

We have a few other small things throughout the house, but these were some of my favorite decorations that I thought I would share.

And since I do live in Georgia it just wouldn't seem right for me to end a fall post without saying...

                            Happy Fall Y'all!!!

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  1. I LOVE fall! My favorite time of year. Your decorations are just beautiful :)