Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Apparently my auto post was being crazy on Monday and didn't post this& instead posted my Daily Moments post on Monday with Tuesdays date. So here is our Letter Bb post.

Jake is so much fun to "teach." We really do most of our learning while playing with a few minutes of actual sit down learning.

We have always read Bible stories, but never worked on memorization. I must say I am super impressed with my little boy and his memorization skills. He is great at our weekly Bible verse. And was even able to remember most of last weeks verse along with the new verse this week.

Our letter B Bible verse " Blessed are those who dwell in Your house; they are ever praising you." Psalm 84:4

This week we only did a couple of crafts. We spent most of our crafty time cooking.

For crafts we made a bee out of a letter B, glued blue tissue and paper to a B, and then rolled a golf Ball around in a box with paint and made different designs on the paper.

One of our serving acts this week was to give a Bible to a B person. We chose our b person to stand for "boys" and gave a Bible to Jake's cousins (Austin, Tyler, & their brother Bryce(who really is a B)). Just for a little extra we wrapped the Bible in bug fabric.

Then we made Birthday cookies for Pawpaw, brownie bites for Brady(and family) and The B---- Family. (not sure about posting other people's names on the blog.) And we made blueberry waffles that we enjoyed most of the week.

Then we had a day of eating letter B foods. Bagel(with butter), banana, broccoli, black olives, & blueberries
We enjoyed a snack in the Back yard later in the week also.

Talked lots about being blessed, blessing others, the Bible & our Bible hero of the week was Benjamin...who blessed his family.

Another week of fun in the Nunnally house with some learning to go with it!

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