Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Daily Moments (2/20-2/26)

Another fun week in the Nunnally house. And to make it even better another week of beautiful weather. I could live with this weather forever. And I will definitely take this over cold any day. Love it. We have been outside most days all day long.

Monday February 21st-We had lunch at Chili's today and Jake loved the corn on the cob...so cute

 Tuesday-February 22nd- I was chosne by house party once again to host a party. This time it is a Zatarain's Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras party. Looking forward to having friends over to share a yummy Zatarain's meal.

Wednesday-February 23rd-I have mentioned before that Jake runs beside me while I am on the treadmill. But now he has started asking to run when I am done. So while I watch him and at a speed of about 1.5 he runs on the treadmill. He loves it and this week was actually on it for 10 minutes.

Thursday-February 24th-Don't we look so cute in our hair nets(totally not intentional for me to match with it). We went and took a tour with some friends of the Mayfield dairy plant. It is a requirement that everyone on the tour wear a hair net. We had a good time and got to enjoy some ice cream at the end. Side note...how do I get Jake to look at the camera? He looks right before you take the picture and then as soon as you push the button he looks away.

Friday-February 25th-Jake has a dentist appointment coming up so we have been learning about teeth. I found a pair of vampire Halloween teeth in our dress up box and put together a tooth brushing station. Of course he gets lots of real practice on his teeth, but it was fun for him to squeeze the toothpaste onto a toothbrush and brush the fake teeth.

Saturday-February 26th- no picture...just picture a whole bunch of playing outside and beautiful sunny weather.

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  1. You two with your hair nets = ADORABLE.

    What a fun field trip!