Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Daily Moments (2/27-3/5)

Another week of several days outside, but as I type this it is pretty cold outside. How is that time goes so fast?

 Sunday-February 27th-Caleb & Jake love being outside and even more so if it involves dirt. They took a whole bunch of cars outside with them today...something you just don't see too much of any more.

Monday-February 28th-Jake & Daddy playing games on Daddies phone.

Tuesday-March 1st-We took a walk through our neighborhood today. Jake had fun finding the "blowing flowers" and collecting leaves as his treasure. So nice to be outside.

Wednesday-March 2nd-Umm...hello dangerous. Yes, I know he could have fallen on his head. As soon as I took the picture I made him get down. It was funny to hear Jake & Caleb talking to each other about getting on there for a ride. 

Thursday-March 3rd-Jake had his dentist appointment today. He is so grown up. And did amazing at the dentist.

Friday-March 4th- No Picture...Jake stayed with his Mawmaw & Papa Jack last night and again tonight. You can picture him having a ton of fun with them. Or me enjoying a day for some me time with a delicious Panera and a pedicure. Or having a fun dinner with my book club girls to celebrate 2 sweet friends birthdays.

Saturday-March 5th-no picture again...picked Jake up from his grandparents and it was rainy and yucky out today.

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