Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Daily Moments (3/13-3/19)

Another fun week here in the Nunnally house. And of course this wonderful weather has definitely added to the fun. We love to be outside.

 Sunday-March 13th- Today we celebrated Jason's birthday with family. My parents made Jason a giant steak(his favorite) for dinner. Of course Jason's birthday wouldn't be complete without a Great American Cookie company cake.

Tuesday-March 15th- My sister and I went to a 31 party tonight. Mawmaw & Papa Jack come to watch Jake & Caleb while we were gone. Jake loves getting to be with his grandparents and Caleb was excited to be able to stay with them too.

Wednesday-March 16th- Spring wreath...LOVE IT! My friend Vickie & I see different crafts and then plan a craft day every few weeks. This week I made this wreath and I love it!!

Thursday-March 17th- The Leprechaun came for a visit today. Leaving a small mess and lots of gold coins scattered throughout the house. Jake was so excited when he came down stairs St. Patrick's Day morning.

Friday-March 18th- Do you see the little hand? We have been driving around with our windows down the past few days. I love that when I look out my side mirror of the car this is what I see. Makes me smile every time.

Saturday-March19th- 4 of the 6 (the other 2 are only 8 months old) grandsons spent the day with Nana. All of them riding their bikes in the back yard. They have so much fun together and love to play.


  1. Love the little hand in the mirror. Too cute!

  2. Great shots, I love the wreath!!