Thursday, March 10, 2011

Love the Dentist?

Would you believe my 3 year old loved the dentist? Really he did! We had been learning about our teeth and reading books about the dentist the week leading up to his appointment. When we woke up to go he was so excited. I was worried his excitement would wear off the minute they started talking to him or touching him. But no, he was still all smiles.

He had no problem with them looking in his mouth or cleaning his teeth. He was even asked a few times to open his mouth wider because he would start to smile during the exam. Once she pulled out the electric tooth brush he was laughing as she brushed his teeth...saying it tickled...really?

I think I had a harder time with the appointment then he did. As I was standing near his dental chair I had to really concentrate on holding the tears back. He is such a big boy. He had been to this dentist before as a "happy visit." Basically a get to know the place, but this was his first cleaning. Lots of tears were shed at these visits.  This visit not one tear was shed. (maybe a few silent ones by me)

A little downer they did find a small cavity...small enough they said they probably won't even numb him to fill it. It will be up to us if we give him laughing gas or not. Have you allowed your child to have laughing gas? But this too he is excited about and has told everyone "I have a cavity, & I get to go back to have it filled."

All in all it was a great visit. A mostly(exception being the cavity) great report(his 2.5 years with the paci had no negative effects it seems). And he still is excited to go back to the dentist. And really likes brushing and flossing at home too!


  1. Our 4-year-old didn't mind the dentist either - especially when the dental staff left her pick out a toothbrush and a tube of kid's toothpaste after the appointment.

    At her last appointment, the dentist said that she had the "beginnings" of small cavities, but that he usually doesn't fill them because baby teeth fall out eventually...

  2. Haha, congrats to your kid on loving the visit to the dentist. That's good. Getting your kids to understand dentists will prevent them from getting scared, so good job on learning with him about the dentist!