Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Public or Not?

I never imagined I would ever consider homeschooling. I always knew when I had children I would be a stay at home mom. But then I would send my children to school. I would be the room mom, going on field trips, & volunteering at school.

Growing up I didn't know anyone who was homeschooled.  It was almost unheard of. But as an adult I know almost as many people who home school as public school.

Then I had goodness how a child can change your thinking.

I just can't imagine Jake being away from me for so many hours a day. So homeschooling becomes a thought.

Then last week Jake said he wanted to go to school. I said, "you know going to school means you will be away from mommy?" He then said to me, "yea, mommy you can leave me and then come back and get me. I will color pictures and cut and then go home." All I could think was how does he know anything about what school will be like.

And instantly anxiety & tons of questions arose.

I know schooling is a personal choice for every family. I also know that it doesn't have to be a permanent choice and can vary by child and year. I also know that only through prayer will we know what is right for our family. We have a couple years before we have to make an actual decision.

We have decided we won't be doing preschool. Even though every other day someone is asking me what we plan to do with Jake in the fall. The answer is he will be home with me and I am so thankful we at least have a couple more years of him being with me. Did you put your children in preschool?


  1. You are an EXTRAORDINARY mom and I support your decision to keep Jake home. So proud of you for doing what is best for YOUR family.

  2. Melissa,

    This is an extremely hard decision. I know I struggled with it tremendously. There are so many ways to look at it...each child is different, personalities, ect...Try not to stress over it and let God lead you to the right direction. You are an awesome mom and keep it up!!! Praying for you always :-)

    Keri Hall

  3. You sound a lot like me! I never thought I would homeschool until my first son was born. Now that's the way we're going. It is a very hard decision! :)

  4. We chose not to send either of our girls to preschool. In this season of life, we prefer to just keep them w/ us. They learn so much just by playing, being outdoors, watching Tim and I as we go about daily routines, etc.

    We plan to homeschool for the early years. Perhaps beyond that as well. I think my first choice would be to start or find a homeschool co-op to be a part of.