Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mondays are Daddy days

It is no secret that Jake is a Mommy's boy. He is a little more outgoing now and loves his time with his Grandparents. But a lot of the time he is still a mommy's boy. When he was younger he always wanted mommy(which I am perfectly fine with).

As he has gotten older he has become more of a Daddy's boy. I love it and love to watch them interact together. The time they spend is precious. Jake gets so excited when Jason comes home and even when he is just talking about his Daddy. Seeing his eyes light up with his Daddy is around makes it all worth it.

Jason is usually home on Sundays and Mondays. Sunday we are all so excited to spend time together as a family, but on Monday Mommy can do nothing. Jake only wants Daddy(at least until bedtime). Jake wants his Daddy to put him in the car, get him out, hold daddy's hand when he is walking, Daddy to play with him, & anything else Jake needs/wants can only come from Daddy.

Now that the weather has been so much nicer here in Georgia Jake really loves that he gets to work in the yard with his Daddy.

I truly love the bonding time they are having and it is such a huge blessing to see them together.

Mondays are Daddy Days!!!

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  1. so sweet Melissa! I love that they spend time together, just the two of them! So important for little boys (as YES, they are Mama's boys for sure!)

    Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations