Thursday, March 24, 2011

Georiga Aquarium

A couple weeks ago during a Daily Moments post I shared a picture of Jake at the aquarium, but never got around to sharing a whole post.

We all had so much fun at the aquarium...can't believe it took us this long to finally go. We went on a Monday afternoon and it really wasn't crowded at all. We were able to walk right up to the glass in every exhibit and see everything a few times.

I think our favorite would be walking through the tunnel with the water on all sides of you. With sharks, sting ray and lots of really big fish swimming all around.

 A lot of the fish tanks are floor to ceiling and gigantic.
 Looking at the Beluga whales

The penguin exhibit has a crawl through tunnel that gives you an up close and personal look. It was neat to see them so close.
Do you see that big tiger shark swimming right in front of Jake...this tank had tons of different fish in it

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