Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Daily Moments (3/20-3/26)

I can't believe we are almost finished with  March. I know I say this all the time but where do the days go? My boy is so big and every moment grows before my eyes.

Sunday-March 20th-Jake & Caleb enjoying a wheel barrel ride from Pawpaw...they were cracking up the whole time.

Monday-March 21st-Do you notice anything different from yesterdays picture? Jake was rocking the cutest shag hair cut in yesterdays picture. But the time had come for a hair cut. He still looks so cute with his new short hair style, and it is so much better for the hot weather coming up.

Tuesday-March 22nd-We went out for Mexican with my sister & nephew. Out front there were these huge metal statues. The boys had fun running around them.

Wednesday-March 23rd- Not sure if you can see with "The Letter Factory" movie in the background, but Jake is holding a paper airplane. He has been obsessed with paper airplanes this week. And has played with them almost nonstop.

Thursday-March 24th- Our Japanese Maple is blooming beautifully. I couldn't help taking a picture of it's bright red color and the beautiful blue sky in the background. These are the days of spring.

Friday-March 25th- We don't use our front door often (ignore the empty pots they are awaiting fresh flowers) we typically go in and out through the garage. A couple weeks ago I had noticed that the frame around our front door was starting to chip and the front of our house was looking a little ugly. Jake & I spent a couple days this week cleaning the front of our house, sanding the door frame, and giving it a fresh coat of white paint. It looks so welcoming!

Saturday-March 26th-The weather has been a little rainy. We have been playing with a huge bouncy ball in our kitchen. Jake loves to bounce it back and forth. This is a great action picture.


  1. Such great photos Melissa. Sending you smiles from Sunny South Africa :)

  2. Great shots Melissa!

    Your son is precious...

  3. Your blog intrigued me...mine is Families are Fun...and I use to live on Nunnelly street...funny! =)

  4. oh your little boys are so cute! i'm not a mom but i could only imagine how fast you think they're growing up cause time goes by so fast already!!

    have a wonderful weekend!