Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Picture This

Christmas photo cards are  fun to get, just as much fun to make, and even more fun to send out. 

I think Christmas photo cards are one of the best ways to send a little piece of you for Christmas. And it is also a nice way to see how family & friends have changed over the year.

You can put together a great card to capture a small 
 glimpse of the previous year. A photo card with space for a few pictures makes it easy. You can include some individual pictures of your children along with a family picture; put some silly shots with more serious shots, or a great Christmas picture with a fun family vacation picture.  Shutterfly offers great folded photo cards which can encompass the best of both worlds. Pictures on the front and a personal note inside to each person you are sending your cards to.

 You are probably curious why I am going on about Christmas photo cards. Shutterfly is offering 50 free Christmas cards to bloggers. I truly love shutterfly. The ease of use is so great to put together Christmas photo cards. Shutterfly has so many choices for Christmas cards. It makes it very difficult to choose which card to use, but I always have fun looking at all of the cards and trying my pictures into my favorites before I decide on a card I want to use. I keep our Christmas card a surprise until I think most of our family and friends have received their card, and I love to hear what everyone has to say about the card that year.

  Looking for an easy gift that is used all year. For me photo gifts are some of the best to give. For grandparents you have to try their photo calendars. How fun is it for grandparents to have a picture to look at with each month of the coming year. This is also a way to put together a little something that you did last year. Each month include pictures of fun things you did the same month the previous year.  Grandparents can see how you and your family have grown and changed over the year. And maybe even help long distance relatives to feel like they were part of the fun too.

Another of my favorites are photo coffee cups. I love drinking my coffee from a “happy” coffee cup. It just starts the morning off right; a delicious cup of coffee in a fun cup. A cup with pictures of your favorite people would just make the day even better. I think it would be so cute to take pictures of your kids wearing their jammies each holding up a card that says “Have A Great Day,” or “you look beautiful.” A “happy” coffee cup with a happy message.

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