Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Daily Moments (12/5-12/11)

Another week...oh my goodness can you believe next week is Christmas!!!

Sunday-December 5th-We got our Christmas lights up on our house. Well really my step-dad got the lights on the house. Jason is afraid of heights so every year Mike has come over to put up our lights. Our house always looks so pretty lit up at night. Thanks Mike for hanging the lights!

Monday-December 6th-While we were at the mall today Jake mailed his letter to Santa. Macy's has a huge Santa mail box in their store and with a stamp on your letter they donate money to Make a Wish. Jake thought it was fun and kept asking if the mail man had picked up the mail yet.

Tuesday-December 7th-I spent the day in this warehouse sorting toys. Preparing for our churches Hope for Christmas event on Saturday. We had to sort toys by age and then into bags according to family needs.

Wednesday-December 8th- Do you notice anything in Jake's mouth? We have been done with the paci(he didn't even really use this kind) for months. But today Jake came running down stairs and was so excited to show me something. Upstairs in his room he had found a paci behind his bookshelf. He was so excited to put it in his mouth. Thank goodness this was very short lived and he only had the paci for about 15 minutes.

Thursday-December 9th-I am totally in a baking mood. I love to bake & cook, but for some reason at this time of year I want to do it even more. Jake & I made these delicious chocolate chip cookies using this recipe. I think we will make another batch this week to give to a couple people we know. YUM!!!

 Friday-December 10th- Today we made whole wheat chocolate chip banana bread. One of our very favorites. Nana gave Jake his very own tiny loaf pan. And he loves making his own "loafa" (as he calls it) bread.

Saturday-December 11th-no picture today...I spent the day helping the children at Hope For Christmas make toy soldier crafts. This was a huge Christmas party our church put on for 1500 needy families in our area. It was so awesome to be a part of something so great!!

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