Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Time fun

Every year Jake & Caleb have their picture taken with Santa. We joke that when they are 16 we are going to send them to the mall with money and tell them they have to come home with a santa picture. This year they both were all about Santa and not scared at all. Caleb continued to rattle off a list of what he wanted the whole time he was up was pretty funny! This is both of them saying Cheese...I have got to figure out how to get Jake to stop saying "cheese" it definitely is not a smile worker for Jake.
We also had an evening driving through a local college who puts on a lights display. At the end you can get out of your car and roast marshmallows, visit Santa, ride a train or pony. We all enjoyed the Christmas festivities.

 Looking at the lights with Uncle Perry...daddy & mommy were sitting up front.
                                   Elf Jake...again with the "cheese" smile
                                            Caleb & Jake the elves
                                 The biggest marshmallows ever...yummy!!
                                      Watching daddy burn the marshmallows :)
                          Daddy had to eat all the black part off before Jake would it
                                 Enjoying his giant marshmallow

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