Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Daily Moments (9/26-10/2)

Would you believe I had a picture for every day this week? However, the picture for Tuesday ended up not being a good picture to use so once again I am missing a day.

 Sunday-September 26th- One of my favorite pictures of Jake from apple picking. We had so much fun!!

Monday-September 27th-I was in the kitchen cleaning up and came out to tell Jason something. When I did this is how I found them watching tv. They both had the same pose and expression. My favorite man a favorite little boy!!

Wednesday-September 29th-Jake is eating his letter C food on the Couch for lunch today. He thought this was pretty cool.

Thursday-September 30th-I got my yard today to start my October 12 new things. When I sat down to start working on it Jake wanted to knit too. I gave him some left over yarn and some other needles I had. He was concentrating so hard.

Friday-October 1st-Using some of our fresh picked apples all the boys came over and made carmel apples. (sorry Heather about Caleb in this picture. It was the only one I had of all 4 of them.)

Saturday-October 2nd-Sleepover morning. All the boys getting ready to go to the soccer game...brushing their teeth. Too cute!!


  1. Jake knitting is so cute! The picture reminded me of the first time he tried to knit like you and unraveled your whole ball of yarn! He is so smart!!!!

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