Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fair"y" Good time

I LOVE the fair!! Everything about the fair. The super yummy, but horrible for you food, the rides(even though I can't ride them any more they totally make me sick), the people, the stuff...EVERYTHING.

Every year when the North Georgia State Fair comes to town we are there. Usually a couple of times. This year we only made it once, but it was so much fun.

It was fun to watch Jake...he was beyond excited.

I love that in this picture you can see both Tyler & Caleb cracking up & Jake was trying to talk to Caleb

Last year he did not want anything to do with the rides and even cried when we made him ride the merry go round with his Pawpaw.

But this year was a different story all together.

He LOVED the rides...probably as much as I love the fair. He loved being on them, he loved talking about them as he waited in line, and when each ride ended was so excited to go to the next ride.

It is still so much fun to listen to him talk about the fair and all the rides.

 You can't really see Jake, but you can tell by his eyes & Tyler that they were having the very best time on this super spinning ride.

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