Thursday, October 14, 2010

3rd Year

This year made the 3rd year that my best friend has taken Jake's birthday theme pictures. She does a great job. Part of it is because she has a great eye for pictures. The other part is because she loves Jake almost as much as she does her own kids.

For Jake's 1st birthday we sent out picture invitations. But last year we used the pictures for thank you gifts to all of Jake's birthday guest. This year we will be doing the same.

 Radio Flyer theme for 1st birthday & Bubbles for 2nd birthday!
(These weren't the ones we actually used just some super cute ones)

 I can't believe how little my almost 3 year old was...miss my baby, but love my big boy...who thinks he is grown!!

I love so many of the pictures from this years photo session. I am not sure which ones will be used for his thank you card. But I had to share how cute my boy is.  So here are a few of the pictures. This years birthday theme...BUGS!!!(the number 3 on his shirt has bugs on it too, but they are hard to see in the picture)

 We actually went to a bait shop & got night crawlers. The lady said she had never had anyone request worms for picture taking and not fishing!!

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  1. I do LOVE Jake! I cannot beleive hee is already almost 3! I am so happy that you let me take his pictures every year. It was so much fun this year. Glad I remembered I knew where a creek was :)