Thursday, June 3, 2010


I must say I think I love all seasons. Each one brings so much to look forward to & by the end of each season I am so ready for the next.

We don't have the excitement of school ending so it is summer. For us summer usually starts as soon as my parents open the pool in their back yard. We spend almost every weekend there and Jake & I visit several times during the week to enjoy the pool too. We do have a pool in our neighborhood, but it is so great to head to my parents house play with Jake in the pool for a little while & be able to put him down for a nap while I get an hour or so of hanging out at the pool reading in peace & quiet.

This weekend we all enjoyed our 1st official weekend at the pool (it has been open for a couple of weeks, but the water was still too cold for me).

Jake is still a little cautious of the water and doesn't really love to wear any type of float. He is perfectly content to sit on the steps and play with toys or be carried around in the water. I am sure it will only be a week or so before he is loving the water (at least that is how he was last year).

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