Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Daily Moments

Jessica at The Mom Creative host Project Life Tuesday. Each week for 2010 she post a picture for each day.

I am totally late in getting in on this, but I love the idea. It is a great way to take pictures of the every day, as well as, the super exciting. Since a lot of time we are at home playing most of our pictures will be every day moments. Cute little things from the week. Those of you who follow for Jake updates will love this. I am shooting to participate every week. And of course since I am a little late it will just be a photo a day for half of 2010.
 Playing baseball with Daddy

 Making shapes with rice...showing me the bike

 He thought because he was playing with the fire truck he had to wear his fireman hat

Sporting his sunglasses and riding around the house

Love the hand on the hip in this pic... he put all the birthday hats on the fire place tools & said he was making something

Wearing his swimming life jacket and showing me his big muscles

Working in the yard is one of Jake's favorite things to do...he loves to mow with daddy & of course has to wear his hat backwards just like daddy


  1. Hello and welcome to project life Tuesday. I enjoyed your pictures for the week. Jake is a cutie, love all the fun photos of him. I like the dog gate in the yard, I've never seen one set up this big, that's great to have so much room for your dog to run around. Have a great week and hope to see you next Tuesday!

  2. Love the big muscles photo! It's such a "boy picture." Isn't it cute how they have their little quirky personalities like putting the birthday hats on the fireplace? Love it!

  3. My fav would be the "Hooter's Hip Pop" pic. hee hee