Friday, June 25, 2010

Potty Trained!!

For several months now(like 8 or so)...we have been kind of working on potty training. I am sure doing everything every book has said not to do. Wearing a combination of pull-ups, diapers and on some days underwear. Sitting on the potty when I remembered to ask Jake if he needed to go. And on a few rare occasions taking him when he said he needed to go.

About 4 months ago he stopped wanting to sit on the potty at all. He would through a fit and not sit. I was afraid of what the books say...if you make it a negative experience they will never be potty trained...let them do it at their own pace...never force them to sit on the potty. So we took a step back and went to just wearing a diaper all the time. The potty was still out and occasionally I would take him in there.

I was seeking the advice of every parent I knew who had potty trained a child...especially the boy parents. After all the books say boys are harder then girls. Most everyone was telling me the same'll know when he is ready...just let him decide...don't push it....he'll get it before he has to go to kindergarten so don't worry about it! I really wanted someone to say "this is what you do and it will work." No one was telling me we just kept with the sit back and wait.

One friend of mine loaned me a copy of the ebook "potty train in 3 days," I read over it and really it was one of those things that seemed too good to be true. So I stored it away for when I really thought I was ready to potty train.

One of my biggest fears has been how do you take your child into a public bathroom? I can't stand them & avoid them at all cost. But a child (especially newly potty trained) wouldn't understand the concept of holding it.

But the beginning of this month I decided I was done buying diapers it was time to get serious. We took a lot of the advice from the 3 day potty training guide and went with it.

Woke up one day & we got rid of a few diapers(I was too afraid to throw them all away as she recommends) but we did throw some away and hid the rest. And we started wearing underwear. The 1st day we had a few accidents, but each day got better. We even did underwear at nap & bed time. And he was dry when he woke up!!

So I have waited a couple weeks to write this post (a little fear that once I hit publish won't be true) I think I can officially say Jake is potty trained!!! I still remind him throughout the day to go, but he always tells me when he has to go. And I still help him get on the potty. We have had a few accidents, but I blame myself for them. Like, when we had been gone shopping and as soon as we got home I ran in to use the bathroom...not even thinking that he would have to go. And sure enough he peed right outside the bathroom door. But we are doing great and it has been a month since we even looked at a diaper or pull up (with the exception of swim diapers...I don't want to be the mom who gets blamed when our neighborhood pool is shut down for 3 days because of poop in the pool). I was able to give a package of diapers (minus 2) to a great friend of mine and I have a stash of pull-ups I need to give to another friend next time I see her.

Jake is a BIG Boy...with underwear on!!! (we are going to work on the paci next)

So here is my question for you seasoned potty training mommies....when do you start teaching your boy to stand up? ( he has done it a few times, but prefers to sit & it is less mess for me ;) ) And when is it ok to not put a swim diaper on them?  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Congratulations! Potty training was very difficult with Emily. We trained off and on for about a year. I was pregnant with Ethan though so I'm pretty sure it was because of the new baby that she waited so long. When Ethan was 2 months old and she was used to him, she literally woke up one day and decided she was a big girl. lol

    I don't know anything about training boys..yet. lol

  2. Yay Jake !!!!!! As far as standing up when he goes I am sure once you show him that he can he won't want to sit down. But like the whole thing he'll do it when he is ready. Remember to use cheerios or some sort of target for him. I don't know about the swimmies, but I would just wait till next summer when he doesn't have as many accidents and can better understand don't go in the water.

  3. Take your time on the standing up :0) It's not worth the mess! The important thing is he's going in the potty!!! YEA! And, thanks for the diapers!!!