Thursday, June 24, 2010

Imagine It!

We love Imagine It! Children's Museum of Atlanta. Jake is the perfect age for it and for Christmas his Nana & Pawpaw gave him a year membership...we like it that much more because we get to go for free whenever we want.

They have so many fun things to do and every few months a new exhibit comes and gives us something fresh to play with & learn about. They just got a milking cow and I can't wait to take Jake. Plus the new exhibit coming in July is Conservation Quest all about going green...I can't wait for this one (I am sure Jake will like it too)!
                                   Wearing our favorite rain coat they have...the fireman!

                                                         Here we are fishing!
And Daddy & Jake playing in the bubble at the fishing pond

Raking the garden & planting veggies

Eating some fresh grown corn
Climbing in the tree house

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