Tuesday, June 9, 2009

18 Month check up(but really 19 months)

I think I mentioned before that I had to change Jake's 18 month check up and today was the earliest they had available.

As usual Jake is doing great!! He weighs 26 pounds which is the 50th percentile and is 31 inches long the 20th percentile. So he is short!! Hopefully he will be tall! But we will see. He might have a late growth spurt. He had to get 2 shots. He cried more that the nurse was touching him then he did about the actual shot. And he cried just as hard when I put him on the scale to be weighed(I was standing right there) as he did when he got the shots. Ugh...he just doesn't want anyone he doesn't know messing with him. And I guess it is the doctors office and most of the time it is no fun there.

Jake's blister (from his burn) popped last night. Which ended up being perfect timing. The doctor was able to look at it today. He said that as far as burns go, Jake's looks good. Doesn't look infected at all. And that the correct treatment for a burn is to leave the blister alone. As long as there is a blister the inside can heal. But now that the blister has popped he wants me to put some cream on it and just watch for signs of infections. But the doctor said it seems to be healing pretty quickly so it should be totally healed in a week or so. I feel much better knowing that it wasn't too serious. He did share a story with me. Yesterday one of his patients was brought in by the grandmother. The Grandmother had tripped and fell on top of the baby. The grandmother broke her shoulder and the babies arm. So I didn't feel so bad about his burn. (but still feel a little bad about it).

I guess that is all for the doctor update. He goes back for his 2 year check up.

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