Friday, June 12, 2009

A day at the pool

Ready with his water shooter

Daddy & Jake
Caleb & Jake with their water shooters
Can you see Jake standing between Jory & Jason?
His favorite spot

Copying Daddy & Uncle Jory kneeling to fill the shooter

It is officially pool season here. It was delayed some by the rain. And apparently the rain hasn't gotten the message that is is summer. Although, it has moved back to only in the evenings which still leaves plenty of pool time. Last year was very easy with Jake, he just hung out in his little float and thought it was the best. This year is a little different. He loves the pool, but he can climb in and out on his own and doesn't really care for the jet ski float we got him this year. He is really good about just sitting on the top step and playing with the toys. But this only last a few minutes and then he is climbing out of the pool. All of that is fine...once he is out he just walks around and plays. But most of the time he heads to the swing set that my parents have in their back yard and continuously says "Mommy, I want to wee" Which is what he calls the swing...I am guessing because any time anyone is pushing him we/he says "wee." But then once he realizes that I am not going to put him back on the swing he decides he wants back in the pool. Which is a heart attack waiting to happen. 1st he usually heads to the side near the deep end, then he is reminded he has to get in at the steps, but he tries to just step into the pool and yet again I have to remind him to turn around and get in like he goes down the steps. He will usually listen and does fine getting in. A lot of the time I just help him in and set him on the step. I thought you all would enjoy some pics of Jake enjoying a day at the pool. Of course Caleb & Jake both have to be in on the action. So when Uncle "juju" (jory) and Daddy starting having a water gun fight with Aunt Heather they were right there trying to get in on the fun.

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