Wednesday, June 3, 2009

19 Months

Yes, I know I am a few days behind on this. We have been busy around here and I can only get on the computer when Jake is sleeping so depending on the day sometimes I just get a quick email check. But onto the real reason you are here. Jake's 19 month update. I am sure remember me talking about how long you refer to your child's age in months. Well, 19 months just sounds weird when people ask so I have now started saying he is a year and a half. But for the sake of the monthly Jake updates I will still call him by his month.

We had to postpone his 18 month check up so he will finally be going for that next week. I will then have an updated weight and height for all of you. I really want to know how much he weighs. He is getting chunky compared to his skinny little self when he was a baby. I am sure he is pretty high on the growth chart now.

Jake is talking all the time now. He says several words together. Like "Mommy, I want snack." or "Mommy, I want down." Both of those are the phrases he wakes up with in the morning. As soon as he wakes up he starts with those 2 things. Or if he has just woken up he will say " I want papcis ." Which he has usually thrown on the floor. Then him and Jason usually yell back and forth Jake will say "Daddy" and Jason will respond with "Jacob." Jake thinks this is so funny and they will both just keep yelling it across the hall. Too funny. He has gotten very good at letting us know what he wants. So that is a little easier. And it is too cute to see him and Caleb carrying on "conversations" now. They are interacting a lot more and Heather & I are in for it with these two. But they are so fun to watch.

Over the last month or more Jake has turned into a total Daddy's boy. I love it and think it is the cutest thing. However, it can be a little sad. When Jason has to go to work. Jake will give him a hug and kiss, wave bye-bye then blow him some kisses, and say some jibberish followed by "day." Which is have a good day. The other day though after Jason was pulling out of the drive way Jake stood at the garage door(it was closed) he was knocking on the door and yelling "dada" over and over again. Just breaks my heart in a million pieces. I just love that he is all about his Daddy. And I know Jason is having lots of fun with it too. Jake loves to be right there while Jason is doing anything.

Jake loves the pool. He doesn't really like getting all the way in. But he will sit on the top step and play in the water. And he thinks it is the best thing. He doesn't even try to get off the step. Which is good for me...more laying out time for me!

I suppose that is the lastest from little Jake! He is such a big boy now. But he is so sweet too. Even though he has plenty of telling me "no" and throwing little fits during the day. I still love every minute of it, and I am so thankful I get to be home to see every little new thing or word he says.

Lots of Love!

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