Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Play Dates

As a stay at home mom in a great neighborhood, most of my friends are also stay at home moms. Wanting to socialize our children (or perhaps get adult social time for ourselves). We usually fill our weeks with play dates of one type or another. Some times it is days at the park, other days we are in a back yard, or like today we spend time at a friends while the kids play and the mommies scrapbook.

Last week we enjoyed a couple of outdoor play dates. One we went to East Cobb park and took part in the Ultimate play group. Other then it being super hot lots of fun was had by all. We went with my friend Amber and her two boys Jackson & Liam. The park has a big green area with a stage and a guy plays the guitar and sings, My Gym brings bubbles, big balls, and fun crawling tubes for the kids to play in, and of course the play ground is there too. Then another day last week we enjoyed a play date in the back yard of my friend Karen, her two children Nina and Nicolas, as well as, Amber and her two boys. The little kids enjoyed time in a baby pool splashing around, while the big kids enjoyed the slip-n-slide and of course us mommies chatted and sweated off the pounds in yet another way over 90 degree day here. I share all of these with you the readers as an introduction to the pictures I am posting.

Enjoy the faces, sweat, water & all!!! Hoping you all are filling your summer days with lots of Vitamin D and water!!!

Driving the car at the play ground
Just hanging out on the ground
Mommy & Jake
Jake looking at the creek from the bridge
Listening to the musician
Mrs. Amber and Jake with Amber's sunglasses
Jake with the dude
Standing by the stage with his balloon
Jake & Nina
Jake, Nina, & Liam

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