Thursday, February 12, 2009

Website gone

Well, it is official I canceled the website today. I feel kind of sad about it. Wondering if this blog will be able to fill the same need as the website. I really hope so. I know the writing part will. I used the website as a journal of Jake's life so I have everything right there on paper. I know that through the blog I will be able to continue that process. And I will still be able to share pictures...I just hope that for all of you who visit it will be the same for you as well. I can only hope that you all will continue to visit often and leave lots of comments...that of course will be put in Jake's scrapbook.

On another note. My mom's Bible study group that I meet with on Thursdays started back last week. I am so grateful to be back in God's word with a point to the study. I am great at doing my daily Bible devotions, but not so great at just reading the Bible. So when I am not in a study I do my short devotions and am usually done for the day. This Bible study really gets me to get deeper into His word and what his plan is...especially with the idea of mothering and being a wife. Two of my favorite things. Jake has been going to the nursery (this Bible study is at a different church then the one we go to on Sundays) so of course he clings to me and screams as I hand him off to one of the great girls that are in his room. But I know he only cries for a few minutes and is fine...all the years in child care really prepared me for a screaming clingy child...I know he will be fine and it only last a minute. But today was a little different he didn't cry or grab on as strongly as usual...what a great feeling to know that he is getting adjusted. And then when I went to pick him up all the girls kept telling me how sweet he was. Of course we all know that, but to hear it from them really made me feel like he was in the right place. Although, I do worry. When I worked in child care the kids that cried a lot we usually tried to hold when we knew their parents would be coming soon so that they wouldn't be crying and every time I pick him up either on Sundays or Thursdays someone is holding is he the crying kid who crys the whole time? I probably won't ever know the real truth to that. I do have a few friends who drop their kids off too in other rooms and they always tell me that Jake wasn't crying when the walked by. So for my peace of mind I pretend he thinks it makes me feel better if he acts like he doesn't want me to go. But as soon as I am out of eye site he is perfectly fine playing with all his friends. What a great time for him to be with other kids his age.

Just thought I would share. This has been a slow picture nothing new to share there!! But I will for sure have new picks Valentine's day!!! Can't wait for Jake to get his annual red bubble bath and heart shaped pancakes(1st year for that...he was too little last year).

Hope you all have a great Valentine's Day...much love to you all!!!

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  1. You are such an awesome mom. Jake is truly blessed to have you.