Friday, February 6, 2009

Cleaning Vacation

I have come to the conculsion that it is time for a cleaning vacation. Which I am sure we would need a maid for...the house wouldn't last a day if no one was cleaning. You did you come up with this idea...when I am a stay at home mommy/wife...wouldn't I be the maid. Well....the answer to that question is YES!!! And I really don't have a problem doing it I LOVE staying home and taking care of the home and people in it. But I have decided when your 15 month old picks up everything that could possibly resemble a cleaning, wipe, napkin, dryer sheet, sock, his favorite blankie and decides to start wiping any flat surface he finds then maybe...just maybe there might be TOO much cleaning going on in the house and it is time for a cleaning vacation!! Oh how I wish. Just a one day break would be great. To not have to load or unload the dishwasher just for that one day. But then the dishes pile up when you are eating 3 meals a day dishes are made and cleaning must be done. Not to mention that then the guilt gets to me if Jason comes home and the kitchen is dirty or some other part of the house is dirty. I feel like he is wondering..."what the heck did she do all day?" But for all you other stay at home mom's out there you know that even if know house work gets done that day it sure doesn't mean you sat around and did nothing...ahhh...a topic for another day.

I will be sure to get a picture of Jake cleaning the next time he finds something to wipe with. On another note maybe I should just start handing him wet rags and he can clean the floors while he is down there crawling around. Hmm...this could be my answer!

Until next time...hope you all have a GREAT weekend. Weather is supposed to be nice here in GA looking forward to the 60's.

We love you all!!!

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  1. Ha- It's the other way around here. I think I need a vacation to just CLEAN my house. Thankfully my hubby is off next week and that's what we plan to do. Fun! : )