Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Savannah Day 1-Friday

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Well...we are back from our wonderful weekend trip to Savannah. And we had a great time as a family!! Because there is so much to post and lots of pictures I am going to do a day by day recap so the pictures with that day can go with that post. There will be a few more pictures added to day 1 hopefully later tonight. Some of the pics from earlier in the day are on Heather's camera and she hasn't sent them to me yet.

The car ride down there wasn't nearly as terrible as I had anticipated it to be. Jake had never been in the car that long and I was worried how he would do. But he did great! He slept a little, ate a lot, and just kind of hung out! So that was a relief for him to do so well. There was a little fussing, but what can you expect from a 15 month old, right?

Once we got to Savannah we checked into our hotel which was right on River Street with a view over looking the street and river. After a short rest we headed down to River Street to walk around and check out the different little shops that are down there. And then it was back up to our hotel for to get ready for the rehearsal dinner. Since non of us were in the wedding we didn't have to be there for the rehearsal, but we were invited to the dinner. We all got dressed in our super cute outfits and headed down the street to the hotel where the rehearsal dinner was. OH MY GOSH...we did a TON of walking over the weekend. Once we parked the car at our hotel Friday we didn't move it until we checked out Sunday. Which was a good thing because the people in Savannah don't know how to drive at all and it was great to be able to walk every where. The boys did have to spend a lot of time in their strollers, but it was really no problem for them. Any way, back to Friday night recap. We got to the hotel where the rehearsal dinner was and had a nice dinner of bbq and fried chicken...typical southern meal. Once we got Jake his food he was fine, but he was a little antsy until then. After everyone ate we went to the lobby of the hotel and hung out up there with everyone. They had a little bar in the lobby and a great fire place where we all just sat around talking and having a good time.

Then it was back to walking to our hotel...and turning in for the night.

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