Sunday, February 15, 2009

A day for LOVE!!!

Nothing better then a reason to share the love we have with our family and friends...but do you really need a reason? I know that around here love is freely given all the time and I LOVE that!! No need to ask for the I love you's, but to just be able to see it in the daily actions of life both from Jason & Jake! Even though Jake can't say "I love you" he does so many small things that just makes me feel his love all day and of course makes my heart grow a little bigger just for him. But even with Jason being able to say "I love you" sometimes it is in the actions that speak even louder then the words or when the words just can't come, but you feel it in the actions of daily life. Our house is full of speaking love and showing it to each other. I hope you all will find the time and make the ways to show your love to everyone around you!!!

With that being said...we had a great Valentine's Day here. Of course we started the day with pink heart shaped pancakes, followed by a heart shaped grill cheese lunch, lots of laughs and fun, and of course the 2nd annual "red" bubble bath for Jake which really looks way more pink, but oh well. Jason & I then ended the night with a wonderful romantic dinner here at home while our sweet little boy peacefully slept in his bed surrounded by our love.

Here are some pictures of Jake from the day!!

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