Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I think it might be official Jake is walking!!! It started a couple of weeks ago with 3 steps and then a couple days later 7. But since then it has been totally random. He refused to walk if you tried to stand him up and get him to walk to you. He would hold his feet up in the air or turn all noodelie and not be able to stand up. He really preferred to crawl much more then walk. Which was fun...all in his own time. Then he started walking a little more, but it was still on his time. He would all the sudden take off walking across the room...usually when he thought no one was paying attention to him. As soon as he would fall he was back to crawling no attempt to even get back up. He was happy and content. Over the last couple of weeks the walking has slowly increased to more frequent trots across the room still nothing worth saying he was an official walker. He still isn't totally there yet either. But today has been a little different in his walking. He is walking much farther distances, and when he falls he gets to something and pulls himself up and starts walking again. He also realized he can walk while holding something in his hand. He had mastered this crawl whenever he had something in his hand...he would crawl with one had on the floor and his other arm he would use is forearm to crawl so that whatever he was holding was up in the air. Today he finally realized that when he has a cracker or a book in his hand he can walk. He still thinks he is funny and laughs at himself most of the time when he is walking, but he looks so cute. We thought since he was taking so long to walk he would be a pro right when he started, but he is still a little unsteady and toddles around. TOO CUTE!!! Hopefully I will be able to capture some type of picture of him walking and maybe one day I will figure out how to post a video on here too. We will see about that don't hold your breath. But I do feel more comfortable about being in a hotel this weekend with Jake and I think he won't be on the floor too much!!!

One other small update...Jake did not cry this past Sunday when I dropped him off in the church nursery. He didn't really go willing, but I didn't have to peel him off of me and he didn't cry!!! :) I am sure it was just an accident and he will be back to screaming next week(sad we will miss this week), but I am really hoping that he is adjusting to Mrs. Michelle & Mr. Cliff!

With that said we will be leaving bright and early Friday morning for our mini weekend trip to Savannah for Jessica's wedding. I am really looking forward to this time away with Jason, Jake, and my family!! It will be a well deserved break for Jason(he will not be turning his cell phone on all weekend). His work thinks it is fun to call him or text him all during the day when he is off with random nonwork related stuff. I am so glad to have him just to us this weekend. We will be 265 miles away and there will be nothing he can do for his job from there. YEAH!!! I am a little nervous about the car ride, Jake has never been in a car for this long and I am worried how he will do. I am really hoping he will sleep. Usually any time he gets in the car he is asleep, but we usually are only driving a few minutes the most 30 minutes away. I am also a little nervous about how cranky Jake might get. We have gotten on this great routine at home which ends with bed time at 7pm and it has really helped his sleep. I know we won't be able to keep this schedule while we are gone, but I just hope it doesn't mess him up too badly. I know it will probably take a few days of being home to get back into that routine, but none the less it will all be worth it. I am excited for a little mini get-a-way as a family!!! With hopes for a week long beach vacation this summer...this is our primer!

I am sure I will have a million pictures to post when we get back along with some great fun to share. I am hoping that before I post pictures again I can figure out this slide show thing so that there aren't a million pictures all in a row on the page. Keeping my fingers crossed for that!

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