Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Savannah-Day 3

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Sunday was time to head home. We were all so sad to see the weekend over with and to have to get back to our normal lives. Well I guess for us it was for Jason to go back to work. It was so wonderful to have 3 uninterrupted days with him. But we are also very thankful that he has a job to get back to and I really appreciate all the hard work he puts in so that I can stay home and be with Jake.

We took one more short trip down to River Street before leaving and of course had to make a stop at Savannah Candy Kitchen for some to go candy as well as buy a couple of t-shirts. And then we loaded up in the car and headed home.

On the way home we did make a stop at Bass Pro Shop. It was HUGE!!! And had a big fish tank that Jake really enjoyed looking at all the fish. He also loved being able to get out of the car after about 2 hours and just walk all over this gigantic store. We did buy him a little hat from there. Mostly because I have been looking for a baseball hat for him and finally found one that fit. Jason isn’t a hunter or fisher and that was all the store was really for. But we still enjoyed walking around and looking at the stuff. We did pick out a boat that one day we would love to get.

Then we were back into the car to finish our trip home. The boys were great the entire car ride home. I am sure it helped that they were tired from the weekend so they slept a lot more on the way home then on the way down.

Jake was glad to be home and in his own bed(so were we) Sunday night. He even slept until 8:30 Monday morning.

But in all we had a GREAT weekend and we can’t wait to take another trip down to Savannah. Hopefully next time with a stop in Paula Dean’s restaurant.

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