Friday, September 16, 2011

Pink, Bows, & Ruffles

We are so excited to share that we are expecting a GIRL!!! Yes, you read that right. Our lives are going to be filled with pink, hair bows, & ruffley things.

I went into our 20 week ultrasound really having no idea whether we would hear pink or blue. So when she said it is a Girl...I was surprised. In fact I think as I write this I am still a little surprised that we will be welcoming a precious bundle of PINK!!! Jason was pretty shocked too, but has already been talking girl names, picking out girl things, and is excited to welcome Daddy's little girl.
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It took Jake the majority of the day to be excited about having a sister. Because his cousin is having a brother(on Monday) Jake thought for sure his baby would be a boy too. His first reaction was "I wish she would have told me I was having a brother." Then he was very worried about not having toys for a girl. We saved all of Jake's baby toys in our attic(all of which are completely gender neutral). But Jake then said "we don't have girl baby toys in our attic and Nana doesn't have girl toys either." Later as we drove down the road I heard him say several times "I am so excited to have a sister." And then his finally remark before turning the corning and being totally excited to pick out all things pink was "but, Mommy, I drew a boy baby in our family picture." I assured him it was ok and soon as the day went on and into today he is very excited to have a baby sister. He has kissed and rubbed his sister(my belly) several times today.

Our girl is breaking the boy chain. On my side of the family including Jake my parents have 7 grandsons!!! And now will be welcoming their 8th grandchild a GIRL!

And now it is time to start shopping! ;) 

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