Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Family Meal(giveaway)

I love the idea of making a meal and everyone sitting down at the table together. Enjoying healthy meals & good conversation. The reality is Jason isn't home a lot of nights for dinner. Almost every night Jake & I sit down at the table and enjoy dinner together. I often wonder if all the statistics about family dinners being good for kids apply when one of the parents isn't there as often. But for our sake I choose to believe it has all the same benefits. And I recently read that kids get the same benefits out of having breakfast as a family. Really it is just the sitting down together no matter what the meal is. We will be working family breakfast into our days since Jason is always home at breakfast time.

Fox News shares 8 Reasons to Make Time for Family Dinner.  A short little article to look over if you are struggling with family meal time and need a little jump start. It includes things like: Kids might learn to like their veggies, a great setting for trying new foods, & of course the often heard it helps kids "just say no."

For us I want fun memorable meal times. Jake being almost 4 & us being together every day sometimes there isn't much to talk about at dinner. We always share our favorite part of the day & if there is anything we didn't like or will try to work on. Then some nights there isn't too much other conversation that would make meal time memorable. I want Jake to grow up and say "I remember eating meals with my family and it was fun." I am guessing when your kids are in school there might be more to the conversation, but wouldn't it be fun to have more then just normal day to day?

I couldn't be more excited about Erin from In Between Laundry's just released ebook "Table Talkers." Filled with 52 fun, no supplies needed  things to do around your table. She includes table talker printable conversation cards with the book. Erin makes it so easy to add fun & memories into your table time. We printed these cards out, laminated them and have them in a bowl on the center of our table. The activities range from preschool age and up. Great for families with a wide age range of kids or for your younger kids to grow into the activities as well.  Jake had so much fun doing our 1st table talker drawing and then participating in the activity. He kept asking if he could pick another card. But me wanting the choices to last told him we could only do one a day.  Of course there really are no rules. You can use Table Talkers how ever best works for you family.

Are you ready for Nunnally Family Fun's 1st giveaway? Erin has agreed to let me give one of you a copy of this ebook for FREE!!!

Your kids will love starting or ending their day with a fun activity around the table.

And now what you want to know...how to enter the giveaway: 
You must be a follower(join with google friend connect) of Nunnally Family Fun

  • Go to In Between Laundry and become a follower of her blog, come back here and comment that you became a follower and tell me how often your family eats meals together at the table.

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Giveaway ends September 14th & winner will be announced by Friday September 16th 

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    1. Matt works overnight and I work at night too so we have family breakfast. It's my favorite time of the day.-Amanda