Monday, September 12, 2011

Half Way

Wow...have I said this pregnancy is going so fast? Well, it is!! We are 20 weeks(5 months)!!! It seems so strange to already say 20 weeks. 

At about 16 weeks I finally reached the feeling good stage. No more sickness!! I can feel the baby moving several times a day. You know the small inside belly flutters. I am looking forward to Jason & Jake being able to feel the baby from the outside soon! It should be soon!

Cravings are all over the place. Ice cream has been the only constant. Everything else is all over. And some weeks nothing really sounds good. But usually the problem is I can't think of anything I want to eat,  but everything I hear or see sounds good.

I have started to have some heart burn at it too early for this?
I take a picture every month wearing the same shirt
The downer...Gestational Diabetes! I had it with Jake & my doctor decided to test early. Sure enough both the 1 hour & 3 hour tests...failed. I was really hoping this time would be different and I wouldn't have it, but no such luck. With Jake my previous doctor went straight to insulin shots. I was so worried about doing shots again. I know if it came to it I would. But thankfully this doctor is letting me control it with diet for the time being. Of course I still have to check my sugar 4 times a day. Jake is mesmerized by me checking my sugar. And often ask me throughout the day if my sugar is too high. Of course having gestational diabetes puts a little damper on my ice cream craving(umm...not that I don't indulge sometimes).  If you think about it would you pray I can control this with diet.

Super exciting 20 week news...we go on Thursday to find out if baby #2 is a boy or girl!!! To say I have been counting down to this day would be an understatement!! We can't wait to know. And Jake is super excited about going to see the baby on the screen.

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