Sunday, September 11, 2011

Menu Plan(9/12-9/18)

Another week of menu planning. I was bad about it last week. I went to the grocery store twice for meals those days. And the rest of the week was either left overs or sandwiches. I just wasn't in the mood to cook & nothing sounded good. Crazy how I can go from one week of craving tons of things to the following week have a desire for nothing.

Breakfast-pumpkin chocolate chip muffins(x2), cereal(x2), egg & cheese burritos(x2), eggs & toast

Lunch-turkey wraps(x2), sandwich skewers(x2)...not sure what else. Lunch has kind of been a play it by ear thing.

Of course fruit & veggies will be added to lunch & fruit to breakfast as well...depending on what I get at the grocery store.
Monday-BLT Salad & bread

Tuesday-Crescent chicken, green beans & mashed potatoes(dinner for a neighbor who had a baby doubled for us to eat too)


Thursday-Sloppy Joe Loaf & veggies

Friday- oven baked Chicken fingers(buffalo for Jason) & salad


Sunday-Braves game (if home for dinner southwest cornbread casserole)

Desiring Virtue

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