Thursday, May 5, 2011

Take A Hike

I have lived in Georgia for about 16 years(I think) and within very close driving distance to Kennesaw Mountain(which was a battle location during the Civil War & reason for the cannons once we got to the top of the mountain), but I had only been there once. And that time we took the shuttle bus to the top of the mountain instead of walking.

During our screen-free week the weather was beautiful and we(I) wanted to spend as much time outside. Jason had suggested we go to Kennesaw Mountain and drive up to the top and look around.

When we got to Kennesaw mountain and the sign said it was only a mile walk to the top and I thought we can totally do that why drive?

We did it...even Jake and his little legs. There were benches along the way and just about everyone we came to Jake wanted to sit down. This was fine and it gave us more time to sit and enjoy being outside. I will say that going straight up a mountain even if it is only 1 mile is pretty hard work. Coming down was much easier.

I loved our family hike and am looking forward to doing it again. There are a couple other places in the area that I have heard about and want to try.

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  1. Yay for hiking! It's one of our favorite family pastimes! Is the weather nice in Georgia right now?