Monday, May 16, 2011

Boy Mommy

When I was pregnant with Jake I always said we would be happy with a boy or a girl. I really thought this. We had tried for 2 years and were so thrilled when the stick finally read "pregnant." Of course we would be happy with a boy or girl...we just wanted a healthy baby.

We had a boy name picked out-Jacob Ryan and a girl name-Olivia Grace along with a boy or girl nursery theme.

Our 20 week ultrasound we were so excited and couldn't wait to hear the words boy or girl. The technician said "it's a boy" and we both said Jacob it tears streamed down my face. I cried tears of joy for our little boy, but also I think I shed a few tears because we weren't having a girl.

As soon as we stepped into the elevator to leave the doctor's office I broke down to Jason. I didn't know if I really wanted a boy. I wasn't sure I liked the boy theme we had chosen. And besides...I had no idea what to expect from a boy. I was the oldest of 4 girls(one is my step, but we don't think of her that way), surrounded by girls my whole life. A  boy would be so foreign to me...all the boy parts and stuff.

How could I be a mom of a boy?

Ok, my little freak out lasted about a week and then we were back onto happy soon-to-be parents. Excitedly buying boy things and calling our sweet little baby Jacob inside my belly.

The day my little Jacob was born all of the boy mommy doubt had faded. I had a boy! A precious baby boy who would be a Mommies boy. A boy who would love his Mommy no matter what.

There is just something between a boy and His Mommy that can never be explained in words. I am so blessed to be a boy Mommy!!

God knew what he was doing when he gave us our precious little boy(of course he did...please tell me sometimes you wonder what God was thinking too?)  Jacob has the best Daddy around & he knows all about boy stuff. :) I still don't know that I really do?

But I can't imagine life without our sweet, yet wild little boy....however, sometimes I still did I get to be a boy Mommy?


  1. I'm the oldest of three girls and we, too, tried for two years to have a baby. I felt the same way (and still do) about being a boy mama.

  2. Hi there! Came across your blog via Project Life Tuesday. You have a beautiful family.

    I love this post - I am a momma to a 2 year old boy and you're right there is such a bond between mommy and son that is hard to describe.

    It's a lot of fun being a boy mama. :-)