Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Daily Moments (5/8-5/14)

Daily moments...it is so great to have this look back through pictures. A little glimpse into our daily life and memories of the simple, fun, & adventurous.

Sunday-May 8th-The only picture of me and Jake for Mother's Day & it really isn't that great.
 Monday-May 9th-Enjoying a short game of checkers with Daddy outside Cracker Barrel

Tuesday-May 10th-Every Tuesday Jake & I meet my best friend at the park for a run. Afterward Jake gets to play on the playground & we usually take a picnic lunch.

Wednesday-May 11th-Eating candy on Nana's screen porch...cousins are fun(again picture on my phone trying to get it)

Thursday-May 12th-Jake "flying" wearing his super hero cape.

Friday-May 13th-Jake taking a break from the pool relaxing on a pool chair.

Saturday-May 14th-Watching bees make honey at our local farmers market

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