Friday, May 6, 2011

Can we call it summer?

Last week we (well Jake & Caleb) had their first swim of the season. I was tempted to think summer might really be here. However, the last couple days it has been a little cooler.

The couple days the boys spent in the water it was in the high 80's, but the water was still freezing. How is that kids don't care what the temperature of the water is. I think half the time the boys were in the water they were shivering, but loving every minute of it.

Jake went off the diving board to break himself in and as soon as he hit the water you could see his breath was taken away from the frigid water. After  taking a couple minutes to get adjusted he was back to his normal fish self.

My sister & I of course enjoyed relaxing by the pool while the boys swam. Despite burning up we weren't tempted to get all the way in...still too cold for us.

Hoping it will be back to pool time as normal this weekend!

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