Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What If....Easter

What if the Resurrection really happened? That was the message at church on Easter Sunday...and it was a great message to hear. The Resurrection really did happen and we need to be living like that. Here is the link to hear the Easter message from our church.

Here is a little recap of our Easter with a few pictures. I realized that I have 2 modes I am either behind the camera making sure to get every shot and not really enjoying time with my family or I am spending time hanging out with everyone and forget to take pictures. Definitely not a bad thing, but it means I don't get as many pictures.

We started Easter with Jake seeing his Easter basket. So cute...he was so excited. You will see in the picture of his basket there is a package of light bulbs. 2 of the lights in Jake's playroom were burnt out. Lately we have been opening the windows for light so I totally forget to buy light bulbs when we are at the store. When I asked Jake what he wanted for Easter he honestly said light bulbs...every single time. And wouldn't you know when he saw his Easter basket he said " I got light bulbs I knew he would bring them."

Following our baskets we made resurrection rolls for breakfast and headed off to church. After church our families came over for a delicious brunch and egg hunt for the kids.

 The big boys waiting to be let out for the egg hunt.
 Jake isn't looking in this picture, but he was totally against taking a picture and this is the best of like the 5 we could get.

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