Thursday, April 7, 2011

What's for Lunch?

What do you eat for lunch? For me lunch seems to be the hardest meal to plan.

Breakfast is easy: usually I make a big batch of waffles to have in the freezer for easy toasting, some mornings we do cereal, or oatmeal, and others we do eggs.

Dinner is fun to plan! I enjoy cooking and have fun going through blogs, cookbooks, and other recipes deciding what to cook for dinner that week. I do a weekly menu plan and it works great.

But then there is lunch. Lunch is usually just Jake & I. And really I don't want to have to "cook" another meal. I want something that is easy to put together, but tastes good. Sometimes we eat leftovers, but I am really not a big leftover fan. Lately lunch has been sandwiches, with a veggie, pretzels and fruit. The sandwiches aren't too fancy tuna, chicken salad, or turkey. We have been know to switch it up and make the sandwich into a wrap instead of eating it on bread. But still pretty boring and normal.

This sandwich option is easy. The ingredients last us most of the week. With a lunch out here and there or leftovers. And doesn't add a whole bunch to our weekly grocery budget.

Through the wonderful world of internet & The Ultimate Blog Party going on at 5 Minutes for Mom I have discovered several blogs with tons of great lunch ideas. Most of these lunches are fun for Jake, but are adaptable for me (you know I don't really need my food cut out into shapes, but I can still eat the ingredients).

Do you struggle with lunch like I do? I have put together a small list of blogs or other online resources that list great lunch ideas. I haven't tried any of these recipes yet, but will be adding some to our meal plan. Some of the sites might contain info I don't agree with or use ingredients that I would not. Since I was only looking for lunch ideas I didn't look around a lot on the sites. And ingredients I wouldn't use will be replaced with stuff we like.

Have you heard of bento lunches? They are kind of becoming a big deal in America. Read here to see what it is all about. You can search and find tons of bento lunch ideas. For this reason I am only linking to one bento lunch menu blog. But really there are tons! 

Bento Menu Library at Laptop Lunches
20 quick & easy lunch recipes
The Kid Can Cook -we are not nut free, but some of these sandwiches looked fun & yummy
Once A Month Mom-doing something like this might work too cooking everything one day and having lunches available

Ok, that is only a few lunch ideas. Really there are tons!! And when I try some good lunch recipes I will let you all know. In the mean time share with me in the comments...what do you do for lunch at your house?

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  1. Lunch is a big struggle for us too! I get so bored with sandwiches, and leftovers only work if we actually LIKE whatever I make for dinner (and since I do a lot of experimenting with new recipes, that's not always the case). I know about bento lunches, but you've got some links I haven't seen. Excited to check them out!