Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Daily Moments...but not really

As I was getting ready to write my daily moments post for last week I realized I only had pictures from 2 days. Not so good for a daily moments post. But for Tuesday I had lots of pictures...I thought I would share what most of our Tuesdays look like. Well, except for the fact that last Tuesday was the last day.
Counting the bees(fingers) as they come out of the hive to tickle
Every Tuesday Jake & I enjoy a music class together. A friend of mine's sister so graciously leads children in a free music class. She started doing it in her home and then moved to offering it at her church. Jake started these classes right after he turned one and we have done them twice a year since then.


   Marching shaking his musical instruments
                                                                                                          The class is lots of singing, musical instrument playing, dancing, marching, & finger playing too. And of course Mrs. Jennifer always reads a story to the children. Did I tell you how blessed we have been by Mrs. Jennifer and her music class? Well,we have!!

It is always such a joy to hear Jake singing the songs from music throughout the week. And when we started listening to a new kids worship cd in the car and "Do Lord" came on he was so excited & couldn't believe this song from music was on in our car.

Throwing his scarf in the air at "pop" goes the weasel
Crawling during the freeze parade

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