Monday, April 25, 2011

Screen-Free Recap

It was quiet around here last week...we were participating in screen-free week. The week went great!!! 

Jake did test and ask for the tv almost daily, but usually only once and then he would be reminded that it was no tv week. And he had gotten to the point before this week that when we were out somewhere he would say "when we get home can I watch tv?" During screen-free week he began asking if he could play outside when we got home.

We occupied most of our time being outside. Thank goodness the weather was wonderful for the whole week. I am sure the week could have gone terribly different if it had been rainy all week. We took a family hike, planted our garden,  enjoyed time playing outside, crafting inside(great week with lots of Easter crafts).

At night when Jake went to bed and before Jason would get home there were a couple of days I would get on the computer. My goodness how easy it is to get sucked into the computer. One day some of my friends were planning a night out to the movie through facebook...I got a text about it and got on to respond. Of course I thought let me just read some updates. I realized after only 10 minutes that I needed to get off. But I could have spent way longer on there. Most evenings were spent reading. No tv, no computer just me and a good book. Until Jason got home. (had 2 books waiting to be read...they are finished. Do you read? Would love to hear what your favorite book is or any good suggestions).

So from this week, it really helped me to see how much I was on the computer, phone, and relying on the tv. I am taking the initiative to set a timer for computer use. In the evenings I would get so sucked in...I really enjoyed spending the evenings in quiet. Of course I will still be blogging, but that will be built into my time. Jake will be aloud to watch some tv, but not every day and on days he does watch tv it will be only one show or maybe a movie. I will not be using the tv as a babysitter so I can get on the computer or make dinner more quickly. Last week Jake helped with dinner most nights and he loved it and it was fun for me too. (he has frequently helped me bake, but rarely had I let him help with dinner...thanks to screen-free this has changed).

One of the biggest things I mind seems so much more peaceful when I am not trying to keep up with what everyone else in the world is doing ALL day long.

And as I have often said time goes by so fast(my little boy will be 3 1/2 on Saturday...that half is a big deal when you are 3). Why would I want to waste these precious years (even amidst their difficulties) with Jake sitting in front of a tv or me behind a computer screen?

So screen-free week has ended, but around here we are sticking to limited screen all the time! Feels so refreshing!!!

Did you participate in screen-free week? I would love to hear how it went in your family...please share in the comments.
Oh, and regular blog posts will be up this week. With lots of pictures too!! 

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