Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Tick Teet"

Halloween was lots of fun! My 3 nephews came over to all go trick or treating in our neighborhood. Despite the weather being a little drizzly there was nothing going to stop us from walking around the neighborhood. My little fire fighter loved almost every minute of it. You might remember last year... our little lion slept in the wagon the whole time! There were a few scary masks that he wasn't too fond of. One house had a scream guy riding a lawn mower with a dummy underneath & a fog machine. This is what Jason & I have been hearing all about for the last several days. In Jake's words "scary guy, hot guy, lawn mow in grass." Because of the fog he thinks it was hot fog=steam in a 2 year old mind. Jake was such a trooper and walked almost the entire time. He did want me to carry him on the way back to the house. It was just the cutest thing seeing my little boy all dressed in his fire man costume. And even in all his shyness he still went to the door and said "tick teet" and thank you to almost every person.

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